Lemon Yakult Refresher with honey and rambutan fruit on a sarape cloth

Yakult Refresher with Rambutan

Do you like Yakult? Then you are going to love this recipe. Additionally, do you know that Yakult is an excellent source of probiotics? On top of that, it’s delicious. So, let me show you how to make a delicious drink with Yakult, lemon, fruit, and honey! Now, you can use any fruit. For this recipe in particular, I used rambutan. This rambutan Yakult refresher may very quickly become your favorite summer drink!

What is Rambutan?

Similar to lychee, rambutan is a fruit with tough outer skin. The inside contains squishy and juicy fruit. Inside the fruit is a hard, inedible seed. Rambutan can be fund in Latin America and is similar to jocotes.

Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are amazing for gut health. Probiotics make up our microbiome. That is, the good bacteria that exists in and on our body. Further, probiotics can help our immune system. I try to drink probiotics every morning. Drinking a Yakult makes it easier for me to get in my daily probiotics.

Spike this Drink

Want to make this drink even more fun? Then, spike it with your favorite soju! It makes for a delicious cocktail. Additionally, it pairs amazingly with at-home KBBQ. If you try it and like it, be sure to let me know in the comments.

How to make a rambutan Yakult Refresher

Ingredients for Yakult Refresher

  • 2 Yakults
  • Rambutan fruit, 1 cup
  • Ice, 1 cup
  • ½ lemon
  • 1 teaspoon honey


  • Firstly, wash and peel fruit.
  • Secondly, add fruit, Yakult, lemon juice, honey, and ice to a blender.
  • Then, blend until smooth and frothy.
  • Next, pour into a glass.
  • Finally, enjoy!

What do you think of this rambutan Yakult refresher? Would you try it? Do you think you would try it spiked with soju? Let me know in the comments! Finally, if you liked this recipe, then be sure to check out my cookbook. And, if you own my cookbook and like it, then please review it here. Gracias y salud.

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