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The Pinole Project

The Pinole Project

What’s up, everyone? Bernie Molina here, author of Herencia Cookbook, full of authentic SalviMex recipes with a modern twist. Today, I want to talk all about The Pinole Project ! The Pinole Project is a Mexican-American food company that sells a superfood pinole chia oatmeal. My friend Maya Jacquez is the owner and founder of

atole de avena

Atole de Avena (Drinkable Oatmeal)

In today’s post, I will share one of my oatmeal recipes. I eat a lot of oatmeal in different ways. For instance, there is an overnight oats recipe in Herencia Cookbook in the breakfast section. It is enjoyed cold. I also enjoy thick warm oats with fruit and nuts. Today’s recipe is runny oatmeal that

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