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Yakult Refresher with Rambutan

Yakult Refresher with Rambutan

Do you like Yakult? Then you are going to love this recipe. Additionally, do you know that Yakult is an excellent source of probiotics? On top of that, it’s delicious. So, let me show you how to make a delicious drink with Yakult, lemon, fruit, and honey! Now, you can use any fruit. For this

Cantaritos Recipe

Cantaritos Recipe with a SalviMex Twist

Today, I want to share a special SalviMex twist on the classic cantaritos recipe. Most cantaritos are made with grapefruit, orange, and lemon (or lime). But my recipe has a more tropical flavor. I hope you enjoy this cantaritos recipe with a twist.   Why a SalviMex Twist? I am half Mexican-American on my father’s side.


Canchanchara Recipe, made easy with Jarritos

Do you like rum? Then this sweet lime cocktail with rum is the perfect summer drink for you! Inspired by the classic Cuban Canchanchara, I made this cocktail with white rum, Jarritos Lime Flavor, and Mineragua seltzer.  As a result, this drink is sweet, refreshing, and perfect for summer. So, let’s get to it! If

sparkling agua de tamarindo

Sparkling Agua de Tamarindo

Today, I want to share a Sparkling Agua de Tamarindo recipe with you. This is a fun twist on a classic Latin drink. I am so excited to get into it. Agua fresca de tamarindo is a classic in many Latin homes. Adding sparkling water gives it a fun fizz! I hope you enjoy this

Vodka Paloma Cocktail Recipe

Vodka Paloma Cocktail Recipe

Do you like cocktails? I know I do! Have you ever had a paloma cocktail? A paloma typically consists of tequila and grapfruit soda. However, today, I want to share my own twist on that classic recipe. This tasty vodka paloma cocktail recipe contains Jarritos, Mineragua, Tito’s vodka, and fresh citrus juice. It is a

Cranberry Mocktail Recipe

Cranberry Mocktail Recipe for the Holidays

In today’s post, I will share a tangy cranberry mocktail recipe. This cocktail pairs perfectly with your favorite festive foods. You can enjoy it for FriendsGiving, Thanksgiving, at posadas, Christmas parties, etc. I am so excited to share this recipe with you just in time for the holidays! I am currently exclusively breastfeeding my baby

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