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Is curtido healthy

Is Curtido Healthy?

Hi there. My name is Bernie Molina. I am the award-winning author of Herencia Cookbook. Herencia Cookbook is a cookbook that honors my Mexican and Salvadorian upbringing in Los Angeles. For instance, in Herencia Cookbook, I honor my roots through fun and authentic recipes. Additionally, my Mexican and Salvadorian roots inspire my SalviMex fusion style

National Pupusa Day

National Pupusa Day – The Herencia Pupusa

Happy National Pupusa Day! To celebrate National Pupusa Day, I have a special recipe that I like to call the Herencia Pupusa. Are you excited? I am! So, let’s get to the recipe. National Pupusa Day Recipe The Herencia Pupusa is special because it is my own take on a typical revuelta pupusa. For instance,

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