Hola! It’s your girl, Bernadette, author of Herencia Cookbook, full of authentic SalviMex recipes with a modern twist. Herencia Cookbook honors Latin matriarchs and celebrates Latin culture while offering modern hacks and tips.  In my book, I honor my great-grandmother, my mother, my mother, and my mother-in-law. I hope that when others read about the matriarchs who nurtured and nourished me, they will think fondly about the matriarchs who influenced them.  Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about mujeres is that we share wisdom with one another. This goes beyond recipes in the kitchen. So much ancestral wisdom is passed through generations, and often it is the matriarchs of the clan who share it. Today, I want to discuss how señoras and ancestral wisdom, and how the matriarchs in my life have shared with me has influenced my life, both in and out of the kitchen.

Señoras and Ancestral Wisdom

Ancestral wisdom blessed my life since I was a small child. In between my mother’s rose bushes, she grew herbs like rue, rosemary, mint, and more. My mother would cook with rosemary and use it to rinse my hair to keep it long and strong. My father would make me lemonade with cornstarch to treat my upset tummy. In my upbringing, my elders nurtured me with techniques they knew would benefit me. My memories of these experiences help to preserve my culture and the ancestral wisdom that is part of my culture. Herencia Cookbook strives to celebrate and honor Latin culture. Preservation is part of that.

Once I became a mother, this type of care elevated to a whole other level. Postpartum, my mother stayed with me for the first 40 days to care for me. She assured me that my body needed warm foods to recover. Therefore, she also made me hot chocolate almost every day, because she knew it would help with my milk supply. She made fresh, homemade bread weekly, to nourish me. And how could I forget about the delicious caldos she made for me?

I am so grateful to have family members that have shared ancestral wisdom with me. And, I am grateful to share this in Herencia Cookbook and on this website.

Do the señoras in your life share ancestral wisdom with you? What type of wisdom have they shared with you? Here, at Herencia Cookbook, we would love to know! Be sure to hit us up in the comments. Finally, are you interested in learning more? Then be sure to check out our blog and our book for authentic SalviMex recipes with a modern (and sometimes healthy) twist. Until next time, Buen Provecho!

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