Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Hola! Bernie Molina here, author of Herencia Cookbook, full of authentic SalviMex recipes with a modern twist. Mother’s Day is around the corner. This means we get the chance to celebrate mom! So, I have a fun DYI way to celebrate mama this year.  I am going to show you how to make Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed.

How to make Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Platanos Fritos

Firstly, warm a pan on medium heat. Secondly, add enough oil to thinly coat the pan. As it warms, peel and slice your plantain. Once the oil is warm, after about a minute, add in the plantain slices. Once the plantains are evenly golden on both sides, they are ready!


You can make this in the same pan where you cooked the plantains. Add a bit more oil if needed. Ensure the pan is on medium heat. add in tortillas. Once they are crisp, crack an egg into the pan. Once the egg is cooked, add your favorite salsa. Y listo! 

Mashed Beans

Warm a small saucepan on medium heat. Next, coat it evenly and thinly with cooking oil. Once warm, carefully add in your favorite cooked beans. You can even use canned! You can add cheese and chili slices if you would like. Mash the beans. Once they bubble, they are ready!  This side dish is nutritious and delicious. Read about the health benefits of beans here.

Assemble the Breakfast Platter

Once the whole meal is cooked, you are ready to plate. I suggest pairing this meal with cafe de olla. You can also decorate with flowers and add a handwritten note, for extra love.     To sum up, what do you think? Did you make it for your mom? If so, let me know in the comments. Finally, if you liked this post, then check out the blog and my book for authentic SalviMex recipes with a modern (and sometimes healthy) twist. Until next time, buen provecho!

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