Huevos Rancheros Authentic Recipe

Do you like brunch? I do! In fact, one of my favorite brunch foods is authentic huevos rancheros. This meal goes great with mimosas or coffee. However, my favorite way to enjoy it is with fresh grapefruit juice, with just a splash of mezcal. Yum!

What are huevos rancheros?

You can think of heuvos rancheros like a sort of breakfast tostada. First, you start with a crispy tortilla. Then, you top that with an over-easy egg. After that, you can get creative with the toppings of your choice. For example, salsa or sour cream. You can also add cheese and beans.

Use the right tortilla

Please do not buy pre-made tostadas! Instead, crisp up your own tortilla. Yes, crisping your own tortilla is an extra step. But, I promise…it is so worth it! My favorite tortilla to use is from Pinole Blue. Without a doubt. For instance, they use non-GMO corn sourced directly from Mexico.

Crisp Your Own Tortillas

So how do I crisp my own tortilla? Pues. I lightly coat my tortillas with olive oil and throw them into the air fryer. They crisp up perfectly for all sorts of recipes.

Have fun with salsa options

My cookbook has an entire section devoted to salsas. Additionally, I have some salsas on my blog, here. You can use hot red salsa. Tangy green salsa. Or even chunky pico de gallo!

To bean or not to bean?

I love adding beans to my meals. For instance, they are a great source of iron, fiber, and protein.

How to Assemble Huevos Rancheros


  • Tortillas, 2
  • Cooking oil, 2 tablespoons, divided
  • Eggs, 2
  • Refried beans, 1/2 cup
  • Your favorite salsa, 1/2 cup
  • Mexican crema, to taste
  • Your favorite Mexican cheese, to taste
  • Pickled red onions, to taste


  • Firstly, lightly brush your tortillas with oil on both sides.
  • Secondly, add the tortillas to your air fryer at 390 degrees F for ten minutes.
  • As the tortillas crisp up in the air fryer, start to cook your eggs.
  • Warm a pan on medium heat.
  • Then, add one tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Cook your eggs to your preference. I recommend sunny side up for this recipe.
  • Once the eggs and tortillas are ready, you can assemble your dish.
  • Start by laying the tortilla on the plate.
  • Now, evenly coat your tortillas with refried beans. Tostada style.
  • Then, top each tortilla with an egg.
  • Next, top with salsa.
  • From here, you can finish up by topping with cheese, cream, and onions.
  • FInally, enjoy! Buen Provecho.
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