Pink Tequila

How to Make Pink Tequila with Hibiscus

Hi! Bernie Molina here, author of Herencia Cookbook. My cookbook is full of authentic SalviMex recipes with a modern twist. Pues mira, Mother’s Day is around the corner. As you may know, my mother was a huge inspiration for my cookbook! For instance, she owned and operated a bakery when I was growing. This deeply influenced my love of food. Additionally, I am proud to say that this year will be my first Mother’s Day. This means this year, Mother’s Day will be extra special! What better way to celebrate than with a fun DIY project? My mom and I love flowers and tequila. Today, I am combining both to show you how to make pink tequila at home.

How to make Pink Tequila for Mother’s Day

This is an easy way to give your tequila a rosy hue. The best part? It’s all-natural! So here is the secret: you tint the alcohol with dried hibiscus flowers. The flowers are so concentrated that the liquor becomes magenta in less than ten minutes!

How to dye tequila a pink hue with dried hibiscus flowers
  • Firstly, add a handful of dried hibiscus flowers to a mason jar.
  • Secondly, pour your favorite tequila into the same mason jar, over the flowers.
  • Next, seal the jar.
  • Now, allow the flowers to steep for up to ten minutes, or until you reach your desired hue.
  • Finally, use this rose-colored liquor to make a girly cocktail!

There you go! An easy way to make pink tequila, naturally. No artificial colors here.

As an extra tip, I suggest you try this method with any light spirit. For example, dry it with vodka or even gin! To sum up, what do you think of this easy way on how to make pink tequila at home, naturally, with flowers? Have you tried it yet? If so, let me know in the comments. Finally, if you liked this post, then check out the blog and my book for authentic SalviMex recipes with a modern (and sometimes healthy) twist. Until next time, salud!

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