cucumber drink with a lime garnish and hibiscus salt rim on a marble background

Cucumber Mocktail Refreshing Recipe

Most people know that I love sour tequila cocktails. However, I am currently breastfeeding. Therefore, tequila is off the menu for me. As a result, I have been staying cool this summer with this refreshing cucumber mocktail recipe. I am so excited to share it with you today!

What is a Mocktail?

A cocktail is a mixed drink. It typically contains a spirit. It will also have a sweet and sour component to balance it out. A mocktail, on the other hand, is a mixed drink that does not contain alcohol. Thus, a mocktail is ideal for for anyone who wishes to avoid alcohol. Think pregnant ladies, nursing mothers, designated drivers, etc.

Where Aguas Frescas and Mocktails Meet

This cucumber cocktail definitely has Agua Fresca vibes. After all, this contains water, cucumber, and lime. Those three ingredients are blended together to make, well, an agua! I almost called it an Agua Fresca for that reason. However, the fizz of the mineral water and the salt rim certainly elevates this from an Agua Fresca to a mocktail.

Savory Salt Rim

What makes this a true mocktail is the fun salt rim. Now, in this specific recipe, I use Sal de Jamaica. That is, hibiscus salt. However, get creative! For example, you can use Chamoy and Tajin. Pink Himalayan salt. The possibilities are endless. Have fun with it.

Fizzy Fun

I top off this drink with mineral water. The fizziness makes this extra refreshing. In fact, I had so much fun drinking this, I almost didn’t miss tequila. Almost.

Turn this cucumber mocktail into a cucumber cocktail

What I like about this recipe, is that you can easily add tequila to it. For instance, for my husband, I add the cucumber base, simple syrup and tequila to a shaker cup. I give it a good shake. Then, I pour it over ice. From there, I top it off with the Top Chico and salt. Cocktail for him. Mocktail for me. Everybody wins!

How to make a refreshing cucumber mocktail


  • Cucumber, 1
  • Lime, 1 whole + 1 lime wedge, reserved
  • Lemon, 1
  • Sugar to taste, optional
  • Water, enough to get your blender going
  • Topo Chico, 1 bottle
  • Sal de Jamaica, enough to rim your glass
  • Ice


  • Make the cucumber base
  • Firstly, wash and peel your cucumber.
  • Secondly, wash your citrus.
  • Carefully cut your citrus in half.
  • Cut your cucumber into pieces that fit into your blender. Reserve 1-2 cucumber wheels for garnish.
  • Add the citrus juice to the blender.
  • At this point, you can add your sweetener of choice.
  • Now, add enough water to get your blender going.
  • Next, blend.
  • Then, run this mixture through a strainer.
  • Build the mocktail
  • Firstly, rim your glass with a wedge of lime and sal de Jamaica.
  • Secondly, add ice to your glass.
  • Next, fill half the glass with the cucumber base.
  • Then, top off the rest with Topo Chico.
  • Finally, enjoy! Salud.

What do you think of this refreshing summer mocktail? If you make it, please tag me on Instagram. Additionally, if you like this recipe, then be sure to check out my blog here and my cookbook here. Finally, if you own my cookbook and like it, please leave a review here. Until next time. Salud.

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