Herencia Cookbook won silver for Best Cookbook in the International Latino Book Awards! Now, more than ever, independently published books are being recognized as legitimate productions.

Are you interesting in independently publishing your own cookbook? Not sure where start? I can advise you on how to begin documenting and developing your own recipes. I can also help you transcribe your existing recipes. All in all, I can guide you through the process, from A to B on how to independently publish your own cookbook.

Publishing FAQ

Can you publish my cookbook for me?

I independently published my own award-winning cookbook. I can guide you on how to independently publish your own cookbook.

How long does it take to publish a cookbook?

It depends on where you are in your journey. Do you have a concept? Do you have recipes? If so, you are already way ahead of the game! Congrats! It ultimately depends on where you are in the process, how many recipes you have, etc.

What are the steps of publishing a cookbook?

First things first, get your recipes in order! A cookbook cannot exist without recipes. Begin documenting and transcribing your recipes before anything else. If you need help transcribing excising recipes, I can help you with that too! After the recipes are developed, tested, edited, and proofread, the next steps would be photography, design, and marketing.