Yakult Refresher with Rambutan

Yakult Refresher with Rambutan

Do you like Yakult? Then you are going to love this recipe. Additionally, do you know that Yakult is an excellent source of probiotics? On top of that, it’s delicious. So, let me show you how to make a delicious drink with Yakult, lemon, fruit, and honey! Now, you can use any fruit. For this

Salvadoran Quesadilla Recipe

Salvadoran Quesdailla Recipe

Do you like pan dulce? Then you are going to love this delicious Salvadoran quesadilla recipe. Now, believe it or not, this quesadilla does not consist of melted cheese inside of a tortilla! That’s a Mexican quesadilla. Salvadoran quesadilla is totally different. Rather, Salvadoran quesadilla is a sweet bread or pan dulce. It is like a

Salpores de Arroz Salvadoran Recipe

Salpores de Arroz

If you’re Salvadoran, then you’ve probably had Salpores before. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry. I’ve got you. This Salpores de Arroz recipe is absolutely delicious. Mama’s Salpores de Arroz Recipe Growing up, my mom owned and operated a Mexican bakery. My mother studied pastry making with an apprenticeship in El

Cantaritos Recipe with a SalviMex Twist

Cantaritos Recipe

Today, I want to share a special SalviMex twist on the classic cantaritos recipe. Most cantaritos are made with grapefruit, orange, and lemon (or lime). But my recipe has a more tropical flavor. I hope you enjoy this cantaritos recipe with a twist.   Why a SalviMex Twist? I am half Mexican-American on my father’s side.

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