Easy Homemade Guava Jam Recipe

Easy Homemade Guava Jam

Recently, my empanadas recipe video went viral on Tiktok! A lot of people asked me how to make the guava jam that went into the empanadas. So, here is it is! This easy homemade guava jam recipe is delicious. In addition to being delicious, it is also easy to make. All you need is guavas,

Guava Empanadas Recipe

Guava Empanadas Recipe

It’s that time of year. A time to enjoy holiday festivities with friends, relatives, and colleagues. These guava empanadas are the perfect sweet treat to bring to such events. These empanadas stuffed with guava jam are a hit at FriendsGiving, posadas, and more. They are like mini individual pies and are absolutely delicious with a

Pumpkin Churros Recipe

pumpkin churros recipe

Autumn is officially here. In other words, it’s pumpkin season! So, that means it’s time to enjoy pumpkin flavors in anything and everything. An easy way to do this is to add canned pumpkin puree to your favorite desserts. For example, in cheesecake or bread. Today, I will show you how to make pumpkin churros

Carne Con Chile, Sonora Style, Instant Pot Recipe

Carne con Chile with a Flour Tortilla

Hola- Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! I am so excited to celebrate Latin Heritage Month this year. After all, I feel like there is so much to celebrate. For instance, the International Latino Book Awards recently recognized Herencia Cookbook! It is a finalist for Best Cookbook and the winner for Best Latino Focused Design. Further, Herencia

Huevos Rancheros Authentic Recipe

Plated huevos rancheros on a sarape mat next to a copy of Herencia Cookbook

Do you like brunch? I do! In fact, one of my favorite brunch foods is authentic huevos rancheros. This meal goes great with mimosas or coffee. However, my favorite way to enjoy it is with fresh grapefruit juice, with just a splash of mezcal. Yum! What are huevos rancheros? You can think of heuvos rancheros

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