Gluten Free Salvadoran Quesadilla

Gluten Free Salvadoran Quesadilla

When I was growing up, my mom owned and operated a panaderia, or Latin bakery. Therefore, baking and eating pan dulce (Latin sweet bread) is a huge part of my life. Recently, I discovered that my toddler son has a gluten allergy. As a result, I am experimenting with different types of flours for baking.

Green Michelada Recipe

Green Michelada

If you know me then you know I love Mexican beer and micheladas. Now, Saint Patrick’s Day is around the corner. And it got me thinking. A lot of people love to drink green beer on Saint Patrick’s Day. So, I asked myself: can I make a green michelada? Now, full disclaimer – there is

Cilantro Tortilla Recipe

Green Cilantro Tortilla Recipe

How to make a Cilantro Tortilla Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Green is the theme. Green beer. Green nail polish. So why not enjoy green food? This cilantro tortilla has a beautiful green color, which is perfect for festivities! Not only are they festive, but they are delicious too! These green tortillas pack a punch of

Pressure Cooker Bone Broth

Pressure Cooker Bone Broth

Typically, bone broth is cooked low and slow. In fact, it can take several hours to make. This is for the sake of extracting all of the minerals from the bones, into the broth. However, this mama doesn’t always have time for that! Therefore, I am happy to say that I figured out a way

Air Fryer Roasted Salsa

air fryer roasted salsa

I could eat salsa for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Salsa verde, red salsa. Spicy. Mild. I love it all! This air fryer roasted salsa, however, is my latest favorite. It has revolutionized the way I make salsas. Salsa Ingredients Tomatoes: roma tomatoes, or tomatillos are my favorite types of tomatoes to use for salsas. Additionally,

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