Top Ten Best Authentic Mexican Food Dishes

Top Ten Best Authentic Mexican Food Dishes

When it comes to good, authentic Mexican food, there are a lot of delicious options! Yes, a lot of us are familiar with quesadillas and tacos. Those are indeed delicious. But, there is so much more to Mexican food! Mexico itself is a huge country. Between the varying states, you will find a lot of

Serrano and Jalapeno Peppers

serrano and jalapeno

What is the Difference Between Serrano and Jalapeno Peppers? Have you ever wonder, what is the difference between a serrano and jalapeno peppers?  Well, today, I will discuss both in detail. As a cookbook author, I cook with chiles almost every day. I am so excited to dive into this! Jalapeno VS Serrano Peppers: Serrano

What Are The Top Ten Mexican Beers, Ranked?

Top Ten Mexican Beers

Hola homies! It’s your girl, Bernie, author of Herencia Cookbook, full of authentic SalviMex recipes with a modern (and sometimes healthy-ish) twist. In today’s post, I will answer the question: what are the top ten Mexican beers, ranked? Please note, this article is not sponsored in any way. These opinions are my own. I am

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