All About Rosemary, the Herb

Saludos! It’s your girl, Bernie, author of HerenciaCookbook, full of authentic SalviMex recipes with a modern twist. Herencia Cookbook honors Latin matriarchs and culture while offering hacks for our contemporary lifestyles. That being said, though my lifestyle is indeed modern, I look to ancestral wisdom often. There are many reasons for this: keeping the beauty of tradition alive, because there is truth to the wisdom, and because I feel that ancestral wisdom offers hacks of its own.  In today’s post, I want to talk all about rosemary or romero, the herb. 

All About Rosemary – Ancestral Wisdom

Did you know? There is a story that states that La Virgencita spread her blue cloak over a rosemary bush. It is said that upon resting her blue cloak on it, the white flowers that were growing on the bush miraculously turned blue. Thus the bush began being referred to as the Rose of Mary. And that is where the name Rosemary comes from for this herb. 

In Spanish, Rosemary is known as Romero. There is a saying that says “Santo Romero, Santo Romero. Que salga lo mal y entra lo bueno.” This phrase basically translates to calling upon Saint Romero, and inviting him to remove bad vibes and welcome good vibes. 

Truly, there is a mysticism surrounding this herb. I am currently 10 weeks postpartum and bathe in rosemary water. I boil water and put a handful of rosemary from my garden into it, like an infusion. After a few hours, I pour the rosemary infusion into a warm bath. The rosemary infusion is believed to help with stretch marks, and to help tone the uterus postpartum. My father shared this with me. His mother and grandmother shared this truth with him. They are no longer with us, and so my father made sure to share this knowledge with me so I could help myself postpartum.

Finally, I had a pixie cut for years. When I was ready to grow it out, I would rinse my hair with a similar rosemary infusion. Rosemary can help with hair growth as well. And you know what? You guessed it. My father gave me this tip as well!So now that we know how wonderful and mysterious rosemary is, let’s get to how the heck we can cook with this tasty herb.

How to Use Rosemary in Cooking


Add a sprig or two to your crockpot next time you slow cook chicken.


Before roasting in the oven, add a garnish of a rosemary sprig and a lemon slice to your salmon. It will contribute to the already robust flavors. Be sure to remove the sprig prior to eating.


Whether your cook potatoes in a skillet or oven, potatoes taste amazing when seasoned with rosemary. Just remember that the needles are quite tough. To make the eating experience more enjoyable, finely chop the herb before using it in your dish. And, remember, rosemary is quite strong. A little goes a long way! 


Do you cook with rosemary?  Do you use it in your day-to-day life outside of the kitchen? What herbs do you find yourself both cooking with and using in your lifestyle? Here, at Herencia Cookbook, we would love to know! Be sure to hit us up in the comments. Finally, would you like to learn more? Then check out my blog and my book for authentic Salvi Mex recipes with a modern (and sometimes healthy) twist. Until next time, Buen Provecho! Herencia Cookbook is currently available for sale on Amazon.

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