All About Beans

All About Beans – health benefits and more

Do you like beans (frijoles)? If you are like me, then you probably grew up enjoying frijoles. As a Latina, I can enjoy frijoles for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In fact, I can even enjoy them as a snack. I am so excited to tell you all about beans .

All About Beans (Frijoles)

Health Benefits

Did you know frijoles are a superfood? It’s true! They are really good for you. For example, one cup of beans contains 15 grams of fiber. Additionally, that same cup contains 15 grams of protein. Further, frijoles are a great source of antioxidants and iron.

Different Types of Beans


Mexican food typically contains pinto beans. Because of the popularity of Mexican food, most people think of pintos when discussing frijoles. This food is delicious refried, as a side dish, or with nachos, and more. On the Mexican side of my family, we all agreed that Nana made the best frijoles fritos. I would typically enjoy them in a flour tortilla. To this day, that is my favorite way to enjoy frijoles pintos! How do you like to enjoy them?

Black Beans

Frijoles Negroes are quite common in Latin America. For example, on the Salvadorian side of my family, we enjoy them at every meal. For breakfast, we can enjoy them mashed with a side of fried plantains. Additionally, for lunch, we would enjoy them mixed with rice, like in casamiento. Further, we could enjoy them with chips as a snack. Finally, for dinner, we could enjoy them as a nutritious side dish. Frijoles negros typically only keep for 3 days in the fridge. Good thing there are so many yummy ways to enjoy them!

Salvi Red Beans (Frijoles de seda)

Frijoles de Seda are so popular in Salvadoran cuisine! They taste amazing when fresh or refried. For instance, I like mine extra soupy, with a little bit of rice, pico de gallo, and crushed corn chips, all in the bowl. Top it with queso fresco, and the taste is heavenly.

White Beans

Also known as navy beans, this legume is typically enjoyed by Salvadorans in a delicious soup. This recipe tastes delicious, in my opinion.

Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)

Hummus, a popular food, is made out of chickpeas. Hummus is a great way to enjoy this legume. Additionally, I like to enjoy garbanzos in soups. For example, my nana would put chickpeas in her chicken soup.

Señora Tips

Some people like to make fun of frijoles because they supposedly cause too much gas. Yes, they are high in fiber. However, this should not cause intense discomfort. If beans have caused a tummy ache for you before, then chances are they were not prepared correctly. So, here is some señora advice on how to make sure your frijoles always turn out just right. Firstly, soak your beans for at least an hour before cooking. For example, after you rinse the beans really well, you will soak them in a bowl of cool water. Additionally, you can soak them overnight if you would like. Secondly, be sure to add 2-3 garlic cloves to your pot of frijoles when cooking. My suegra and mom swear by this method. Therefore, I implement this method in my own kitchen. I suggest you try it too!

All About Beans- How do you prefer to enjoy them?

I don’t know about you, but after writing this, I am seriously craving some frijoles! What is your favorite type of bean? If you like this post, then be sure to check out my other drink recipes here. Finally, if you own my book and like it, then please be sure to leave a review here.

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